Water Cycle Writing Assignment

Directions: Write a one-page essay on the water cycle. This essay is required to be scientifically accurate and creative. Assume you are a molecule of H2O (any phase) and write about what you experience as you travel through the water cycle. Before you start writing, I recommend that you become familiar with the details involved in changing phases and the different concepts associated with the water cycle.

Grading: This will be counted as a 25 point quiz and two homework assignments.

15 points for science concepts that are accurate and complete

10 points for creativity, grammar and structure

1st H.W. grade for a rough draft handed in on time.

2nd H.W. grade for the final draft handed in on time according to these specifications: Times New Roman, font size=12 pt., and single-spaced.


Here is a small example from a creative writing assignment on the Rock Cycle:

My name is Kevin Quartz. I was born when the temperature of my surrounding molten rock started to decrease, and I began to crystallize. When I was young, I lived deep within the Earth, and I always wanted to be a big quartz crystal that was part of an Intrusive Igneous rock called Granite.

One day, a massive force pushed my friends and I all the way up to the surface. Suddenly, Peter Potassium Feldspar, his sister Patty Plagioclase and me were exposed to the Sun and the atmosphere. Everyday was different. One day it was hot and the next day it was cold. One day, a group of water molecules slipped between my best friend Biotite Bob and I. That night the water froze and expanded and Bob and I haven't been close ever since. It seems all my friends are moving down to the bottom of the hill to live in the ocean. Maybe tomorrow I will jump into the stream and try to find them. I miss the days when Bob, Peter, Patty and I were all part of one rock. Now we are all separate sediments.