My Pet Fossil







Your job is to find out some important information about your pet fossil and be prepared to describe it to classmates.You are not limited to the questions below, but these are the minimum requirement for this assignment.Please write all answers neatly on this one piece of paper and include the complete web address where you found most of you information.I almost forgot, all pets need to feel loved so donít forget to name your fossil.


I suggest using a search engine to find your information, but here are a few sites that may be helpful.





1.    How big is your pet?What does (did) it look like?Draw or print a picture of it and attach it to this sheet.


2.    Remember from Biology class: Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.Well, its BACK!List the all this information for your pet.


3.    Is your fossil a good index fossil?You must explain why or why not.


4.    In what kind of habitat or climate did your fossil live?Describe it fully.This information could include warm or cold temperatures, land or water, deep water or shallow, etc.


5.    If you had the opportunity to ask a real scientist a question about your pet, what would your ask?Write two good questions that you would like to ask a scientist.They can be about fossils in general, Earthís history or anything else to do with Geology.


6.    In what areas of the world are your pet fossils found?