Overpopulated and over polluted:

Earth must be evacuated by the next decade!



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It is the year 2099 and the entire Earth has been turned into a trash heap.  Population growth has caused the development and destruction of all of Earth’s wilderness and open spaces.  The east coast of the United States has become one giant city due to urban expansion from the major cities that once dotted the coast in the 1900’s.  Food and water supplies are all contaminated from pollution and the United Nations has turned to NASA for possible solutions.









The United Nations has hired NASA to investigate the possibility of colonizing another object in our Solar System.  The UN would like every major object in the Solar System considered, even the Sun.   You and your team have been selected by NASA to gather all the most recent data on our Solar System neighbors.  This data must be compiled, analyzed and presented to the United Nations.  The locations that the UN requested are the following:



Earth’s Moon


















1st Each scientist will use search engines to locate information on the web.  Be certain to use “accredited” sites keep track of web

        addresses for the bibliography page.


2nd   Your team must delegate responsibilities in order to meet the deadline. Your team will need a Meteorologist, a Geologist, and

         a Historian. The roles are explained below:



You must collect and analyze data on the atmosphere of your planet, report about moons and any man-made satellites and the length of day and year.  In addition, you will present to the UN how this object looks either from Earth or from other objects.



You must collect and analyze data on the composition & temperature of the planet’s surface and find information about the characteristics of its interior. In addition, describe and identify major landforms. 



You must collect and analyze data on the objects physical properties (size, distance to Earth, etc.).  In addition, you will research and summarize all previous and future Earth-missions to this object.

Team Roles

3rd   In addition to research roles, your team will assign these roles:

-Group leader, whose task is to keep track of attendance, monitor progress, and check for completeness in the project.

-Editor, who will take responsibility for the accuracy of the

bibliography page of your presentation.

-Secretary, who will provide three multiple choice questions that

summarize important information about your planet.

Presentation Guidelines

4th   Your final presentation should take this form:

- Your power point presentation should be clear and concise.

- Each team member must create a minimum of three slides.

- Include a slide summarizing the team’s opinion about the feasibility of colonizing your planet.

- Include a bibliography slide that uses MLA format.

- Include a slide with the three multiple choice questions at the end.









How well you researched the topics of your role will be assessed.  Also your attendance, cooperation and your efforts to make the project a success will be evaluated according to the rubric provided by your NASA supervisor.  Individual and team efforts will be included in each person’s assessment,



The United Nations thanks you and your team for your efforts to help mankind.  The UN will consider your findings and plan an evacuation of Earth.