Introduction to Astronomy



Famous Astronomers Research Project




Directions: From the list below, research a scientist.


1st Use the link below to begin your research, but you must find at least one other web-based resource and cite them all.

2nd Research, record and report on biographical information, what the person contributed to Astronomy, and explain their accomplishments.

3rd Orally present your findings to the class; write a short essay summarizing your research; and create either a poster or a tri-fold brochure.




List of Scientists


Nicolaus Copernicus

William Herschel

Gerard P. Kuiper

Tycho Brahe

Johann Bode

Edwin Hubble

Galileo Galilei

Anders Ångström

Stephen W. Hawking

Johannes Kepler

Annie Jump Cannon

Ejnar Hertzsprung

Giovanni Cassini

Gerard P. Kuiper

Henry Norris Russell

Sir Isaac Newton

Jan Hendrik Oort

Johannes Kepler

Albert Einstein

Charles Messier

Claudius Ptolemy

Christian Huygens

Fritz Zwicky

Harlow Shapley

Cecelia Payne-Gaposshkin

James A. Van Allen

Subramanyan Chandrasekhar